My SeneGence Journey

“The Freedom Not To Re-Apply”

My name is Tameka Rand, and I am a Lip Boss!  My journey started when a girlfriend of mine gave me my very first LipSense Starter Kit for my birthday.  The lip color that she gave me was Blu-Red.  I decided to try it because I had heard her rave about it so much, and she just so happen to send me my favorite color, red.


The instructions explained that when applied for the first time you may experience some tingling, but only for a short while.  I did experience some tingling, for a short period as stated in the instructions, but now I know the tingling I was experiencing, was because my lips were so unhealthy from years of chapstick and lipstick. Because the Blu-Red was a bit off from my normal shade of Ruby Woo Red by Mac that I had worn for years, I decided not to wear it and just put it away…not realizing the treasure I had.


About Me

Fast forward a year down the road and me and my husband are attending a wedding of a mutual friend of ours in Cancun Mexico with my friend Sherry and her husband.   Well you guessed it Sherry is still RAVING about this lipstick!  So I say to her, “Alright Sherry let me try this lipstick one more time; so she gave me the lip color Strawberry Shortcake to try.  I was determined to give it a fair try this time and wear only that lip color for a week.  I was going to see and prove if this LipSense Lipstick that my friend Sherry and everyone else were raving about was as good as people say it is.  


To my amazement the first night of wearing Strawberry Shortcake to dinner I happened to look at my wine glass and realized that there was no lip color on the glass.  And after a hearty meal I also realized that it was no longer necessary for me to ask my husband if there was any lipstick on my chin, teeth, or anywhere on my face.  Then to top it off, upon retiring to our room at the end of the evening, I realized that I had not had to re-apply my lipstick all day, and that all my lip color was still on, and in perfect place. So all throughout that week I wore my new LipSense Lipstick and fell in love. I ran errands from morning till night and in between drinking from countless water bottles, snacks and lunch my lipstick still looked great. Wow! I was sold!! I was completely sold on the fact that, with this new lipstick I finally had the freedom of not having to re-apply throughout the day, and my lips finally stayed moisturized with all day wear.


I am reminded of a story about a man who discovered a hidden treasure in a field.  In his excitement he sold everything he had to purchase the field.  He understood the value of what he happened to stumble upon in that field… I am so glad that my friend Sherry didn’t give up on me, and re-presented LipSense to me one more time.  I am equally grateful that my eyes have been opened to understand the value of LipSense and all that it has to offer, and the freedom I now possess in not having to re-apply anymore.


I didn’t sell all that I had; but I did however buy the field and became my own Lip Boss Distributor, and now I share my LipSense testimony with not only ladies, but men as well. My LipSense business has grown into something that simply amazes me every day, and I am so thankful.  What I enjoy most about my Lip Boss business are the friends I am making along the way, and the excitement I get to experience when I see ladies trying LipSense Lipstick on for the very first time.  To see the joy in their faces, and the comradery and fellowship of new friends is simply priceless.


If you find yourself interested in wanting to try some of our amazing products, or if you; like me, would like to simply become a Lip Boss, and own your own cosmetic company than please consider joining my team.  Who wants to pay full retail when you can get your own products, from your own business at 20% - 50% off.  SeneGence is experiencing exponential growth with the demand for our products.  Now is the time to be a part of this amazing team and create your own business, and become your own Lip Boss.  Be a part of an awesome team, with a great support system who are all eager to help, and see you succeed.


10 Great reasons to become a SeneGence Lip Boss and the opportunity to own your own Business!

  1. You are your own Boss!

  2. You can work from Home!

  3. You can earn your own money! And only you determine how much you want to make!

  4. You can do this right alongside your current job! Part-time or Full-time!

  5. You’ll meet and create some of the most wonderful and lasting friendships!

  6. It’s affordable! Only $55 gets you started being your own Lip Boss!

  7. It’s your business, so you get to write off expenses!

  8. There are no minimums!

  9. You get to buy your entire personal product from your own business at 20%-50% off!

  10. Spend more time with your family or loved ones!

Thank you for visiting my website, and trying LipSense!  It truly is an amazing product with amazing results.  At 4 Beautiful Lips we have all your cosmetic needs.  All products from Lipsticks, Foundations, Eye Shadows, Lip Liners, Glosses, Lash Extends, Skin Care, Concealers, Blushes, Moisturizers, and more are now in stock, and ready to be shipped directly to you.  Should you have any questions I would love the opportunity to speak with you directly.  Also please feel free to join me, and follow my journey on Facebook @4beautifullips or Instagram @4beautifullips.  Go be Amazing, Creative, and Productive as we get to experience together this wonderful thing called LIFE!  God Bless.